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One Day in San Diego Vineyards, a Lifelong Memory 



Get to Know the United States Capitol - The Mark of Democracy


Every year many tourists from all over the world come to the Washington DC only to pay a visit to the majestic United States Capitol in this area. The United States Capitol is the great legislative branch of the US government and it stands for the democracy and pride of all the country. This building is regarded as the architectural landmark in the entire world.


The United States Capitol started its construction in the last decade of the 18th century and it was destroyed during the war in 1812. In the year of 1819 it underwent a great renovation. This great building not only stands for the pride of the country, but also has a special historical significance to the government and people of the United States. It features the neo-classical architecture and has a floor area of over 16 and half acres. This colossal building is extremely amazing!


Seated at the top of the Capitol Hill, the Capitol is considered to be a great holiday destination as well. It is 750x230 meters long and 350x105 meters wide and has a lot of impressive amenities within it. The great statues of noted people in the country are displayed at the National Statuary Hall. You can find various statues of different people from different areas. Tourists from all kinds of countries can get easy access to this great building.


In the old times, people were allowed to get into the building free by themselves. But now there are a lot of restrictions and limitations for the travelers. It is because of the security reasons. In modern times, visitors can get into the Capitol in small groups under the guide of a professional guard. Visitors are allowed to travel to the building from Monday to Saturday. It opens to the public from 9:00 am until 3:30 pm.


If you have the chance to visit San Diego, California, spending one day in the vineyards is among the things you should do in your travel. The reason for this is that there are some world-class wineries located in Temecula Valley, San Diego, which is about 60 miles from San Diego downtown. There are about 21 vineyards spread over the Temecula Valley. All of these consist of a magnificent scene, so visitors who come to San Diego want to catch a glimpse of this grand scenery.

There are many award-winning events held by wineries every year. They can make your trip more interesting. If you reach San Diego in January, you may have the chance to taste the newly brewed wines, which haven’t been matured totally. A wine tasting event is held sometime in the months of March and May. On the event, people get the chance to taste hundreds of wines from many parts of America. You can know the finest wines and buy some discounted bottles. In case you are lucky, you may take some gifts away from interesting contests held for visitors.

If you come to San Diego in July, you may encounter the Winemakers’ Gold Dinner. You can know that it is held by winemakers according to the name. All attendants in the dinner have the right to put forward the best dishes for the different kinds of wines.

In the course of your wine tour, you will be served with lunch. At the end of the tour, guests organized by authority can have a barbecue with the setting sun. There are actually also hot balloon tours available from the vineyards for tourists to make their visit more memorable.

Find Out the Best Time to Visit San Diego

There are a lot of attractions in San Diego, so it is a hot place for people who want to going out and have a good time. The Convention and Visitors Bureau of San Diego is an organization that provides you with the most authentic information of the city. It is very useful if this is the first time for you to go to San Diego. Your travel plan can be drawn up according to the information you get there. Besides, it is wise of you to reserve a room before you go to the city.

The time for you to visit a place is very important if you want to have a wonderful trip. Different seasons allow you to enjoy differently. 


As to San Diego, spring is not a good season for your visit for the low temperature and the bad weather in May and June. One famous phenomenon is called June Gloom. During this period, the sky is overcast all day, which may disappoint you. Summer is a great season to visit the city. In July, August, and September, you can enjoy the romantic beach and the hot sun to your heart’s content.

What follows is October with a little rain. When it comes to November and December, that is to say late fall and early winter, lots of events and festivals await you. You can lose yourself in the celebration of the local people. I have to say that San Diego is a wonderful place to go and you won’t regret. Have you heard of December Nights, which is celebrated in the Balboa Park? It is one of the busiest events in San Diego.

Whenever you visit San Diego, remember to enjoy yourself and relax yourself. You’re welcomed to visit San Diego.

Best Things for Couples in San Diego – Wonderful Scenic Spots




Before you go to San Diego to spend your vacation, you had better find out some great attractions in this city in advance. In this article we are going to show you some recommended romantic attractions in San Diego. If you are planning a trip to San Diego, you may take these places into consideration and try a romantic journey!


 Enchanting Beaches:


 Whenever you come to San Diego, you should not miss the enchanting beaches within this city. San Diego is located very close to the Pacific Ocean, so it is brimmed with many types of wonderful beaches. You will never know how attractive the beaches are unless you have visited them by yourself. Famous beaches in San Diego are the Mission Beach, the Dog Beach and the Mission Bay. Sitting on a chair on the beach under a beach umbrella and basking in the sun would be a very cozy thing for you. Surfing and kayaking on the sea are very exciting. Enjoying the bonfire parties and beach barbecues with others is very wonderful!


 La Jolla Cove:


La Jolla Cove is one of the most beautiful natural spots in the city of San Diego. This place enjoys a very famous reputation both among the native residents and in the foreign travelers and tourists. The natural beauties here will rekindle your passion! It is a perfect place to stroll with your beloved among the numerous wonderful sceneries. Swimming under the water with some fishes, dolphins and even sea lions will be a very experience of the lifetime for you. Diving and snorkeling in this place would be very exciting. The deluxe business district in this place will offer you wonderful shopping experience. There are many wonderful shops and stores in this place. You can also spot a lot of comfortable eating places here that are equipped with delicates.


Information About Finest San Diego Vacation Rentals

If you are planning a journey to the city of San Diego, you must find hotels to stay in advance. San Diego is one of the most important cities within the United States. This city is well known for its numerous wonderful attractions such as the San Diego Zoo and SeaWorld Amusement Park. Every year many travelers and tourists from around the world come to this great city to spend their holidays.

Since there are so many foreign travelers, San Diego has to offer many kinds of hotels and accommodations for all the tourists. However, many hotels in this city are very expensive and the services and amenities in these hotels are not very satisfactory. Many visitors feel that the service is not worth the high price. In fact, you should not worry about this issue. There are a great number of vacation rentals on the beach or near the major attractions in San Diego. These vacation rental houses are equipped with nice facilities and offer wonderful services. What's more, they are much cheaper than the hotels.

Perhaps the most well known places for great rental houses in San Diego are the sandy beach areas. We know that San Diego boasts a wide variety of beautiful beaches and many beaches offer visitors wonderful vacation rental houses. The most famous ones are the Mission Beach, the Dog Beach and the Mission Bay.

Beaches are really great places stay at and enjoy beautiful beach sceneries at the same time. Living at the vacation rentals on the beaches will be quite an unforgettable experience for you. During your stay at the beach rentals, you can go surfing, swimming or just enjoy the sunbathing at your chair. In the afternoon, you can enjoy the beauteous sunset at the back deck of the rental house. When it comes to the night, there will be many kinds of parties and night activities. You are allowed to join your preferred activity and make friends with others.

Oceanside, La Jolla, Carlsbad, Del Mar and Encinitas are also recommended places for you to find wonderful vacation rental houses in San Diego. No matter which one you choose, you are lucky to get comfortable stay experience and also can enjoy many lovely attractions nearby. There are all located very close to some famous sights. The facilities within these rental houses are sure to satisfy you: fully stocked kitchens, multiple bedrooms, bathrooms and many other modern amenities. Besides, they would not cost you a lot!

Make Your Journey Memorable and Valuable: Travel in San Diego

Travel in San Diego is really of fun and meaning due to the enchanting landscapes as well as those enjoyable and numerous activities. In order to make your trip there full of vitality and interest, this article will give you some introduction of those gorgeous attractions in this area.

1. Balboa Park
2. The Torrey Pine Beach
3. Old Town
4. Gaslamp Quarter

Boasting a number of museums and theaters, Balboa Park always provides its travelers different and interesting performances, for instance the puppet shows in the Marie Hitchcock Puppet Theater. This is a park covering an area of 1,200 acres, which gives it enough space for the horticulture and playgrounds. The children as well as the adults can enjoy themselves there to the fullest. As the largest urban park of America, the park is really a must-see for the travelers from both at home and abroad.

With a Golf Course, the Torrey Pine Beach is fantastic and high-level tourist destination for the visitors. The Mission Beach and La Jolla Cove are not far away from it. So you can snorkel and kayak at La Jolla Cove or ride on the Roller Coaster in Belmont Park. Is that cool?

Your every penny spent in the visit to the Old Town will come back with a great value. Tourists there will get the chance of lifetime to see the historic houses including the first newspaper office and the first blacksmith shop. Eat in one of the restaurants and shop at the line of shops for your favorites. Nine-Ten, A.R Valentien and Restaurante Romesco are among the recommended restaurants for people who plan to dine there.


If you visit the city for something unique and special, the Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego appreciates the opportunity to show you its sophistication. Some special activities during the festival season can be reached and enjoyed by all the tourists there, namely, the Jazz Festival, Easter Bonnet Parade, Mardi Gras celebration and Hat Contest.

San Diego Obedience Clubs - Perfect for Pets


Nowadays, more and more people are tending to keep pets in their houses. And people in San Diego will be especially glad to keep dogs with them. San Diego has very comfortable weather condition that is perfect for many kinds of dogs. There are also a large number of great beaches and parks that are very suitable for dogs. People can play with their dogs to the full within these places. In addition to these things, San Diego also features numerous excellent dog obedience clubs which are aimed at training the dogs in organized manners.

If you are thinking to keep a dog and do not know how to train your dogs to be strong, self sufficient and loyal, the obedience club will be your top choice. Various obedience clubs are deployed at many destinations within the city of San Diego. They are all equipped with nice facilities and great practices and are sure to train your dogs to be gentle, loyal as well as strong. These obedience clubs are specialized at training dogs and they know the characters and features of all kinds of dogs very well.

San Diego boasts numerous kinds of obedience clubs, and the John's Natural Dog Training Company is regarded to be among the best ones in this city. It is a certified institution and is very famous in this area. Most of the people in the city prefer to send their dogs here to get professional training practices. Set up by some city-based dog lovers, this club has a history of more than two decades and pays much attention to the innovative training of dogs.

There are also many other dog obedience clubs within San Diego, such as the San Diego Labrador Retriever Club, the All Breed Obedience Club as well as the Obedience Club of San Diego County.

Intoxicating Landscape Meet Thrill Activities: An Overview on the San Diego Attractions

Plug into all the thrills and excitement of San Diego and bring your experience into an out-of-this-world one. For people of all ages, traveling in this city will leave them a dynamic and fabulous memory. This city features a variety of resorts and places of interest. Immerse yourself in the city deeply and let these charming landscape and interesting activities get you recharged for every new day.

Some Terrific Attractions Are Listed for Your References:
1. San Diego beaches: Cardiff, Ocean, Point Loma and Solana
2. Torrey Pines State Reserve
3. La Jolla Cove
4. San Diego Maritime Museum
5. San Diego Ice Arena
6. San Diego Hall of Champions
7. Seaport Village San Diego

For those who are seeking adventure and mystery of the marine world, La Jolla Cove is the best place to snorkel and scuba dive. Renowned as the crown jewel of San Diego, this place is also a great resort for witnessing an exquisite sunset or intoxicating sunrise.

All the beaches in San Diego feature diving and surfing facilities. People who are going to have a good relaxation and unforgettable travel will be bound to be satisfied with the gorgeous resorts for swimming and sunbathing. Besides, the various beach activities like bonfire will also leave you a memory of fantasy and romance. 

If you are interested in birds, Torrey Pines State Reserve featuring all sorts of bird species will be the very place you can not miss. Those lovely and beautiful mountain genies always play an important role for your enviable trip there.

Another terrific place for tourists to learn the marine life and the maritime history is San Diego Maritime Museum. With a wealth of precious materials about the marine world, this museum has become a must-see for people of all ages.


Other attention-grabbing things you can do here are traveling to the San Diego Ice Arena and San Diego Hall of Champions; these great places are perfect for enjoying the celebration of the legends as well as the sporting achievements.

Find a Good Carpet Cleaning Service in North County of San Diego: Important Things You Need to Know

Carpet cleaning is becoming more necessary and important for most families with the intention of beautification and hygiene. Carpet cleaning has undergone great development through the years with the improvement in methods, products and techniques. Today, carpet cleaning becomes a separate industry, and it serves more and more families with systematized organization and operation.

There are many carpet cleaning methods available for the residents to choose. These methods can be traditional or modern, such as steam cleaning, dry-cleaning and more. These methods generally rely on specialized machines and products. Most companies in San Diego today use truck-mounted units and organic products, which is a great leap in the development of carpet cleaning. With all these developments in carpet cleaning, residents are able to enjoy safer and better carpet cleaning service.

For residents who are living in North County of San Diego, there are a wide range of companies that provide carpet-cleaning service. These companies are able to satisfy various cleaning needs, such as carpet cleaning, mold remediation, tile cleaning, upholstery cleaning and water damage restoration. With these services, residents are able to clean carpet and make their homes look bright and shining at ease.

But there are still some important things you have to take into consideration before you subscribe a carpet cleaning service in order to find a best carpet cleaning deal. These things play an important role in finding a reliable carpet cleaning company which charges reasonably.

1. Customers should check the qualification of the provider. Make sure that the provider is licensed & insured. This is the primary guarantee that the provider has applied and acquired the proper certification to offer carpet-cleaning service. If you hire an uninsured cleaner or they get hurt in the cleaning process, there might be a financial disaster waiting for you. Or what's worse, someone illegally enters your house and causes any damage to your house. In order to avoid these problems, you should be very careful when choosing a carpet-cleaning provider and remember to check the business qualification.
2. Customers should check the products the provider uses. It's best to use green and organic products, while some companies might use some chemicals off the California regulations. You should be very careful with the chemicals in case of any toxic substances. If the provider uses toxic chemicals, it will affect you sooner or later. Non-toxic products ensure safety, especially the safety of seniors and children. Keep them away from the toxic chemicals. Upright companies will provide the products information to the customers.

3. Customers should beware of Low Price Bait and Switch Tactics. Some customers might receive any coupons that advertise carpet cleaning at a very low price. The truth is that they can't afford to charge such a low price, or they'll get broke. Hidden charges are involved in low price bait and switch tactics. You'll have to pay much more than you expected and at the expense of ruining your carpet due to using inappropriate products or methods. So save yourself the trouble!

4. Customers will have more rights when the provider promises satisfaction guaranteed. If you have any problems with the service, you can have more rights when negotiating with the provider. Or you can have your money refund.

Give Your Cute Pets a Happy Hotel in Pet in San Diego

People who want to take their dear pets to San Diego may want to find a good hotel with considerate services and state-of-the-art facilities for their pets and themselves. If you are among them, this article really deserves your attention.

Great Hotels Are for Your Reference
Tourists who are familiar with San Diego will know that this city is a wonderful place with a lot of attractions and places of interest. Therefore, the infrastructure of this area is quite good, especially, the hotels. La Jolla Village Lodge is among the good pet friendly hotels with the beach landscape. As for the pet policies of this hotel, you can get from the internet.

Doubletree Mission valley in San Diego is a hotel with a lot of great facilities, such as, outdoor pools, spa and gymnasium. If you want to taste the mouthwatering foods and drinks of San Diego, the cafeteria provided in this hotel will not disappoint you. At the same time, the Gaslamp Quarter, Old Town area and the shopping center are all near the hotel. If you choose Doubletree Mission valley when you travel in San Diego, you will be sure to enjoy a happy time with your cute pet there.

Have you heard of Holiday Inn San Diego? This hotel features a terrific location which is on the beach. The customized services and impeccable facilities make this hotel an amazing property for your sojourn. However, you are not allowed to take over 2 pets if you plan to check in it. The additional fees will also be charged for your pet, say $25 every night.


Before you make your mind to live in a pet friendly hotel, you had better visit the official website of this hotel in advance. Different hotel may have various restrictions for the pets. In order to avoid some unnecessary troubles, you should describe the size and breed of your pet to them.

Your Best Condo in East Village of Downtown San Diego

East Village is the largest neighborhood in Downtown San Diego, which extends to the East of 6th Avenue. With an estimated 325 acres, East Village is a large neighborhood with numerous condos for sale or rent. The enhancement in amenities makes East Village a premier neighborhood for living, as more and more people pay attention to quality life.

If you are one of those who are looking for a condo to live in, you'd better work hard on collecting the information of condos in East Village. Only with complete and thorough knowledge of those condos can you make comparisons between them and pick out the best condo for your future.


Generally speaking, you have a wide selection of condos in East Village, which means that you are very possible to find your favorite condo in East Village. East Village has Union Square Condos, M2i Lofts, ICON Condos, 777 Lofts, Legend Condos and Metropolitan Condos, just to name a few. These condos are equipped with contemporary amenities, parking places and HOA, but they still have their own features that you should take into account.

The Alta Condos have an innovative design both outside and inside the building. The HOA fee for Alta is also low compared to others.

The Legend Condos have good amenities both inside and outside the building, which gives the residents a comfortable living environment. What's more, the Legend Condos is situated right in the Petco Park, and you are able to watch the baseball games from a deck area on the 7th floor.

The Metropolitan Condominium features hotel service as it is located on the Omni hotel San Diego. The Park Loft is a popular condo for the upscale facilities, and you'll have easy access to the Petco Park in the vicinity.

Our article might do not point out the best condo for you, but will give you help in finding a best condo. Hope you can find your favorite and satisfying condo in East Village, Downtown San Diego.

Beach Volleyball Vacations at Mission Beach in San Diego

It is known to all that playing volleyball is a healthy and interesting thing. Among the best attractions in San Diego, Mission Beach boasts an invigorating activity - beach volleyball, which makes this place a fabulous tourist spot. Travelers can enjoy the sunbathing, bicycling and surfing and swimming along the shoreline as well. If you want to take your dear family members there for a happy and unforgettable trip, the joggers' track and biking trail will not fail you. To cater to the needs of thousands of tourists, there are also many restaurants and bars and some shops on Mission Beach.

Things to do with volleyball


1. Every year, this beach community will host many volleyball games for both the amateurs and the professionals, namely, the Playoffs and the Barefoot Wine AVP Championship. If you want to know some detailed information about the game schedule and volleyball courts, you can check out the local listings or the internet.

2. Even you are a person who is not familiar with the volleyball game rules or play skills, you will also benefit from these games a lot. Many volleyball connoisseurs and premiere players may be come across when you are relaxing on the beach. So you have the opportunity to talk with them and learn something about the volleyball.

3. Frequently enjoyed by the younger crowd, there is always a game of volleyball to be played. Volleyball courts are one of the essential elements of the boardwalk, which plays an important role in the social life in this area.

4. If you are interested in the volleyball tournaments, you had better apply for a membership of the Mission Beach. You can choose the short-term and life-time memberships according to your own situation. Most of the volleyball tournaments charge no entree fee and are highly exciting.

With so much information about the volleyball games at the Mission Beach, you are bound to have a happy and exciting beach volleyball vacation in San Diego.

Comprehend the International Airport Parking Facilities in San Diego

We all know that San Diego is a very beautiful tourist destination in the United States. Yes! It is the eighth largest city in the United States and the second largest one in the state of California. As a famous holiday destination and also a large city, San Diego boasts a wide variety of nice and great facilities and amenities. Today we are intended to discuss something about the San Diego International Airport. If you are planning to fly to this city, our article may do you a great favor.


About the Airport:

Located near the site of the old Ryan Airlines, San Diego International Airport is one of the most famous airports in the United States as well as in the world. Carrying an average of forty thousand passengers every day, it is sure one of the busiest airports in the country. It is the busiest single-runway commercial service airport in the United States and ranks the second place in the world.

Parking Facilities Here:

San Diego International Airport is equipped with a wide variety of parking options to satisfy the different needs of travelers and tourists. People can easily acquire the state-of-the-art parking facilities at this airport. Three distinct parking lots are equipped at this place for all the passengers. No matter you are thinking to park your cars at this place for a long time, or you just stay for an hour, you will definitely find a suitable and great parking space for your vehicle.

Safety of Parking:

At San Diego International Airport get easy access to the free shuttles between all the parking locations. In order to ensure the safety and security within this place, great security personnel and quality security gates and fences are offered by the airport. There are also many other high-tech security devices in this area to prevent any probable threat.

The Skyline in Downtown San Diego - Electra Condominiums

Established in 2008, The Electra Condos in Downtown San Diego was the tallest residential building in San Diego. If you are looking for a house where you can experience the thrill of living in the high place and enjoy the panoramic and spectacular view of the whole city - San Diego, the Electra will be the very place you can not miss.

As we all know, the services and public facilities of a condo complex can be very important for the residents. People who choose to buy a house in Electra Condominiums can be those who have high standard towards the living condition, because these houses feature a variety of considerate services and state-of-art facilities. If you are among them, you had better pay attention to this article which will give you a brief introduction of the tallest residential buildings in San Diego.

Amazing Position
All the residents in Electra can enjoy a fantastic and convenient life, because the position of these buildings is in the neighborhood of Columbia. Based at the crossroads of Kettner Boulevard and Broadway, the Electra accesses to the business center where the shopping malls and many supermarkets can be easily reached. Therefore, life in this area will be full of fun and convenience.

The Inner Structure of These Houses
248 condo properties and 43 floors can be found in these condos. The 60 foot long atrium or lobby can be another strong point of these buildings, which gives their inhabitants a sense of grandness and comfort. From the first to the 30th floor, people can find 6 units. From the 31st to the 40th floor, 5 units are included. For the last 3 floors there are only 3 units.

Best Services
If you have made your decision to buy a house in Electra Condominiums, you will enjoy a lot of good services for 24 hours. The services offered to residents consist of 24 hour concierge, BBQ, steam room, sauna, spa, and fireplace and roof deck, etc.

Save on Ticket Cost of San Diego National History Museum-Make Use of Discount Coupons


For tourists to San Diego, Balboa Park is always top of the San Diego attraction list. Gardens, museums, performing art centers converge in this park, which attracts numerous visitors of all age groups. The San Diego National History Museum is also located in the Balboa Park, and it is a must-see for tourists from all over the world.

Here's a brief intro of the San Diego Natural Museum, which might help you to plan a perfect visit.

1. History

The San Diego Natural History Museum began as the San Diego Society of Natural History in 1874. In 1933, the San Diego Natural History Museum was finished in Balboa Park, where the museum is presently located. The museum has undergone great improvement during the expansion, which results in larger space for exhibitions, researches and activities. It is one of the oldest museums in California, and it undertakes its mission of protecting the natural world.

2. Exhibits, Programs and Events

The theme of the San Diego Natural History Museum is the natural world, and it offers a wide range of exhibits. Fossil Mysteries is a regular exhibit that enables visitors to trail the 750 million years of fossil history in southern California and Baja California. All That Glitters exhibits the history of some gems like ruby, sapphire, diamond and opal. And there are also some exhibits focusing on the wildlife and the biodiversity of California. Summer Camp lets the students have funny and scientific activities, which educates the students with natural knowledge. Many events occasionally held are perfect option for family fun.

The tickets to the San Diego Natural History Museum generally costs from $10 to $16, which might be high for many people. Yet plenty of discount coupons are available on the Internet. You can make full use of these coupons, which will help you to save $2-3 individually. And you can still find some restaurant coupons separate from the museum coupons. With all these coupons, you can plan your visit to the San Diego Natural History Museum with less cost but with equal fun!

Choose Some Attractions for Your San Diego Trip

The most difficult problem that tourists to San Diego would encounter is that they don't know which attraction to visit. There are just too many of them and they are all so fabulous. Gardens, themed parks, zoos, aquariums, featured neighborhoods, museums and galleries, you just name one, and it is sure to be found here.

If you mean to take a stroll through wild plants and natural landscapes, you are suggested to pay a visit to Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve, which is one of the wildest stretches of land on the Southern California coast. This fragile environment features the rarest species of pine tree and countless other plants. Besides, it also serves as a good destination for hikers to explore the steep slopes and beautiful valleys in this reserve. Remember to bring food and water with you since they are not sold here.

For animal lovers, there are many good places to visit here. San Diego Zoo inside the Balboa Park is a world famous one housing over 4,000 rare and exotic animals. There is even a safari park nearby with many fierce wild animals. San Diego SeaWorld is the first of its kind in the world. It is home to many sea animals. Kids will love to play with the funny dolphins and sea lions. Obey the rules and regulations in both places since the seemingly mild animals would not be safe if agitated and angered. 


You need to get integrated into the local life to appreciate it. There are many neighborhoods, like Gaslamp Quarter in the downtown area, offering scenic views and historic atmosphere. There are a great many shopping, dining and entertainment places in these neighborhood which reflect the real life of the locals.

Have you figured out what you want? If so, you can choose from the numerous San Diego attractions the ones you like best.

Important Facts about Downtown San Diego Condominium Tower


Condominium Tower is a mixed-use building with 301 units, which was stated open in 2007. This high-rise building has 19 storeys, and is regarded as a landmark of Downtown San Diego. It is the large lounge for spa and a sun deck that make Condominium Tower unique. They are available to every resident, so Condominium Tower is a recreation corner. It gained the name as Smart Corner for the boutique condos in the building. And there is a corner for you in the world - a condo in Condominium Tower.

Living in Downtown San Diego, you'll have easy access to most downtown dining, shopping and entertainment. But living in Condominium Tower, you can have certain recreations right in the building. So find a unit and enjoy the metropolitan life at Condominium Tower.

Positioned in the core district of Downtown San Diego, Condominium Tower best exemplifies the city life of San Diego. Looking down from Condominium Tower, you'll see traveling San Diego people on the roads, and Balboa Park and San Diego Bay in the farther areas.

If you live in Condominium Tower, you are living in the most prosperous area of the city. Shops, restaurants, clubs and luxury hotels more are easily accessible. Even on the ground floor of Condominium Tower, shopping is within your reach. There is a large retail space for residential living, which includes Starbucks, pizza, seafood restaurant and many shops for your convenience.

With the efforts of the concierge and personnel center, you'll have the most security in Condominium Tower. The staff will monitor every movement through the electronic eyes placed here and there. Additionally, with the speakers, you'll have double security at Condominium Tower. So you don't have to worry too much about the security problem in Condominium Tower.

Belowground-gated parking is available in the garages of Condominium Tower. There is a fully facilitated parking space for every Condominium Tower resident. The parking space is with the supervision of security center in order to keep your car safe. Any suspectable action will be reported to the safeguards, and will be reported to the police if necessary.

Living in Condominium Tower, you are living with convenience. Condominium Tower is accessible by subway or on-site trolley, which is also close to the San Diego Airport. Living in Condominium Tower, you'll be able to experience the comfort of comprehensive community from full facilities, such as educational facilities and meeting facilities in the community.

Top Free Things to Do in San Diego for Kids

You'll never run out of things to do in San Diego, and you can also find many kid-frirndly activities that will help you to have fabulous family trip to San Diego. Most of the activities for children are both entertaining and educational, and some are also suitable for adults. So San Diego is definitely the best venue for family vacations. In fact, many activities for children don't require any money at all. From parks to museums to beaches, there is always a free activity for your child.

1. Arco Olympic Training Center Tour
Located in Chula Vista and opened in 1995, the U.S. Olympic Training Center is a 155-acre training center which was designed for America's Olympic career. Kids will be excited at the sight of the training center if they have dreamed to be an athlete one day. The training fields and tracks, athlete dorms and the Otay Lake Reservoir are open to the public for free. Your free tour will start from Copley Visitor Center between 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Saturday, but 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sunday.

2. Tide Pools Fun
There are many beaches with rocky areas where you can explore tide pools with your kids. These beaches include Point Loma, La Jolla, Ocean Beach and more. With these fascinating tide pools, kids are able to experience the charm of sea, the fun of water and the surprise from many sea creatures. There are programs associated with the sea creatures (such as sea stars, hermit crabs, shrimp, sea anemones and small fish), and these programs aim at letting the kids have fun, get knowledge and education.


3. Seaport Village Entertainment
Does your child fancy carousel and acrobatics? If so, Seaport Village is the place for you. Seaport Village San Diego has a Historic Carousel featuring 54 different animals open to children for free, and your kid could have more than one ride on his or her favorite animals accompanied with delightful music. If you take your kid to Seaport Village during the Busker Festival, you'll be able to see the eye-popping and breath-taking acrobatics. Besides, Seaport is also a shopping hub and an eating hub. With so many shops and eateries, you family will have a good time in shopping and eating.

San Diego Vacation: Take a Unique Trip around the City

San Diego is an elegant and sunny city which has something for everyone. For family visitors to the downtown area, many would be apt to spend a whole day in Balboa Park visiting museums, wandering around the San Diego Zoo and appreciating flowers. Besides, there are many other things to do, something adventurous and exciting.


Renting a Segway Personal Transporter from a store, you can join a Segway tours around the city from Balboa Park to the Petco Park and then head towards the Harbor Drive. There will be experts to show you the correct way to operate Segway and lead you the way for the 2.5 hours tour. You will not only be endowed with a splendid tour experience, but also will you enjoy the beautiful landscape of the city. You can encounter Balboa Park, Petco Park, USS Midway and other attractions on the way.

You can also join in some surfing lessons. Pacific Surf School in San Diego offers awesome surfing lessons. You will take just one lesson if you are a fast learner or more lessons if you want to guarantee all the skills have been grasped. Surfing is something easy to see but pretty hard when you begin to do it yourself. Instructors in this school are positive and understanding, owing to who your surf skill is improved every time. For kids, previously boys and now an increasing number of girls, surfing freely on the sea can't be cooler.

Now is the time to have a full view of the city. Point Loma, a seaside community in San Diego, is a hilly peninsula bordered by the San Diego Bay on the east and has great views overlooking the city. The Pacific Ocean, San Diego Bay, numerous parks and harbor activities are all to be seen from this point. But remember to arrive before sunset to have the best view.

Wanna a Unique Shopping Experience? Just Come to San Diego Horton Plaza

San Diego, one of the largest cities in California, is both a popular tourism destination and a paradise for shoppers. There are many first-rate shopping places which add to the attraction of this city, Chula Vista Center, Otay Ranch Town Center, Fashion Valley and Mission Valley, to name a few of them. But, you can't miss Horton Plaza if you mean to get a unique shopping experience.

This San Diego shopping mall is located in downtown area, adjacent to the historic Gaslamp Quarter. Many people are attracted here not only by its outdoor shops, but also by the beautiful architecture and urban cool chic it embraces. But stores and shops are the main attraction of this plaza.

There are more than 150 shops, boutiques, restaurants and bistros located in this mall, where you can opt for all kinds of merchandises, like apparels, jewelry, sportswear, accessories, toys, electronic goods and books, though clothes and shoes are the main goods. Among the signature stores, including Louis Vuitton, Pitz Cameras and GameStop, BCBG, Bebe, Steve & Barry's and Levi's Store, some are chained ones while others are popular branded ones.

To make your shopping experience unique and distinguished, this shopping mall has approved to set up dozens of wonderful restaurants and eateries on the third floor. How great it is to sit down for a delicious meal after wandering about for the whole day! Samba Grill, California Crepe, Panda Inn and Napa Valley Grille are the most popular restaurants you will encounter. If you mean to get more and better choices, just head to the Gaslamp. And some entertainment spots have also been established to add more attraction to this place.

With all these, you are certain to get a unique and really unforgettable shopping experience.


Guide to Purchase San Diego Downtown Condos

Condo is such a big purchase that you can't be more careful when you are in this line of business. To make a wise and lucrative investment in San Diego Downtown condos, you are suggested to ask yourself some questions before making your purchasing decision. When you find answers to all these questions, it's high time you began investing.


What are the names of the popular neighborhoods in downtown San Diego? There are nearly a dozen neighborhoods in the downtown area, like Bankers Hill, Cortez, Columbia and Marina. Bankers Hill is located on the north end of the city bordering Balboa Park and enjoys prime bay view. It is home to many people working in the financial and medical fields. Park Laurel, one of the best condos in downtown San Diego is set in this neighborhood. Columbia and Marina neighborhoods are perfect if you prefer a tranquil living environment.

How about the prices and fees of downtown condos? The average price is $547 per square feet, with reasonable fluctuations. You will always get a discount off the last offering prices by the sellers. The percentage is about 4.5%-5%, subjecting to changes. The HOA fee of low rise buildings is $400 per month and double that sum in high rise buildings.

How to gather authentic information on condos? You can first make sure of your preferences of location, view, transportation, environment and such things and then search for condos accordingly. The more accurate your preferences are, the more likely you find the exact condo you want. Don't forget to consult some experts in this line or agents, so that you can make wiser decisions. And a personal visit to the condo before purchasing is also necessary.

If you are interested in foreclosure condos, which take up 20% of San Diego saleable properties, you can also gather information about this kind of condos.

Useful Info About The Hidden Dining Destinations Within San Diego

As a crazy fan of delicious foods and drinks, you must want to explore all the nice foods and palatable drinks within San Diego when you are traveling in this city. San Diego is a located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean and is known for its mild year-round climate as well as the natural deep-water harbor. It is really a wonderful destination for all the people to pay a visit.


Generally speaking, there are a lot of nice dining places within this great city. Some of them are very famous in the world and some are only well known within the city. But there are still some kinds of hidden restaurants that you do not know in this city. They are very great and wonderful as well.

For the travelers in the city, the most important thing is to enjoy the great attractions, the comfortable hotels and the delicious food. Some of the hidden dining places within San Diego are very wonderful and can offer the visitors splendid and unforgettable dining experience.

The Fidel Restaurant:

This is a very good dining choice but a little difficult to locate. The Fidel restaurant is seated at an unpopular site near the Solana Beach. People fond of Mexican food must be very excited to find this restaurant because it serves the most well known Mexican food for all the visitors. It is not easy to find this great restaurant, but once you have tried the food here you must want to visit this place again.

The Pipes Cafe and Cardiff-by-the-Sea:

The Pipes Cafe and Cardiff-by-the-Sea are also among the great hidden dining areas within San Diego city. They offer delicious foods and palatable drinks as well. You can find the wonderful patio dining arrangement in the Pipes Cafe.